Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thank you Jessica!

No excuses, I suck!  Well, I finally snagged one of my sons to take a few pictures of me, so please pardon the quality.  These Jessica Simpson shoes arrived in the mail last week and I fell even more in love with them, so much that I ordered the tan pair.  (ssshhhh!) Can't let my alter ego know about this.  She has been trying to be more um, "fiscally" responsible.  I'm trying to get on board with that idea, but you know if you find something you like, you just HAVE to get them in every color.  Right?  OK, ok. I must say that I'm actally a fan of Jessica's shoe/boot line.  I came across a pair of really cute pair of JS riding boots a couple of weeks ago at Nordstorm Rack for a ridiculously low price..I will eventually do an outfit post with them.

The dress I'm wearing is one that I absolutely love!  It's sheer, as you can see and I'm a fass (as my mother used to say) mama, so if it's sheer, I'm all over it!  LOL!

Leather Jacket-Vintage-Thrift
Camera Necklace- Lulu's
Jeans-Charlotte Russe
Stockings-Banana Republic
Shoes-Jessica Simpson
(oh and braids courtesey of the lovely Ms. Esha:)


Jacqueline said...

I love that sheer dress and the shoes are super cute! I like Jessica Simpson's stuff. I have a trench and a peacoat from her line =) Glad to see you are back to blogging. xo

The Photodiarist said...

You look so awesome. Love the chunk of the shoe.

Marjorie said...

aaaah the shoes: killlerrr :D
lovet the blog!
stop by mine some time xx

Lolitta said...

@ jacquie & y'all, you two always stop by..I appreciate it. I've found some really cute vintage items..can't wait to post them. *MUAH*

@ marjorie: Thanks for stopping by and showing me some love. Love your blog. said...

These shoes are amazing! Love woody heels!

Anonymous said...

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Samantha Simple said...

The shoes look great on you. Are they comfortable?(not that it really matters) The dress is nice to it has a romantic look but you managed to make it sassy and funky. Are you Carribean? My husband is Trinidadian says "I'm too damn fass" usually when I'm snooping around in his business.

Samantha Simple said...

I'm trying to put myself on a budget but lately I'm like budget smudget :o)

Lolitta said...

Hey Samantha! Yes, the shoes are actually comfortable. I always judge a shoe's comfort level by if I can go to the grocery store in them...if I can walk around and pick up what I need without really tripping on how bad my feet hurt, Im good! These passed the grocery store test. LOL!! Nah, honey I'm not carribean, not that I know of..:) THanks for stopping by! HOpe your classes are coming along..

Mikkel said...

you look fantastic!