Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Divine Award

  So, I'm on my blog browsing through all of the fabulous comments that have been left for me, and lo and behold I read a comment from The Photodiarist that says she has awarded me the Divine Award (pause) uh, huh?  Whaa?? Me??? For real??  LOL!!  I really had to read the post twice because it just caught me off guard. First let me say that the Photodiarist has one of THEE BEST photography blogs that I've come across.

So if you haven't yet visited her blog, please do.  You will not be dissapointed, especially if you like/love photography. the award is about my guilty pleasures..5 of them.  Let's they are, in no particular order.
  1. Sleeping ( I love to sleep and I'm serious about it.)  Don't wake me, don't call me to the phone or door..matter of fact if the house aint burning down, just let me sleep..I'll let you know when I'm up:)
  2. Bubble Baths (same rules apply when I'm in the tub)
  3. Frivilo (A delightful white wine made in Plymouth, CA)..just thought about it, the above rules kinda apply when I'm having a glass of Frivilo as well..LOL!
  4. Thrifting
  5. Photography
Well, there they are!  Now, I will pass the award on to.....(in no particular order)
I look forward to hearing from each of you!!!        


Jacqueline said...

Congrats on your award! wow, my top guilty pleasures are sleeping and bubble baths too. If you try and wake me up when I am tired I will bite your head off. I am a bear. haha =) Thanks for the award.

The Photodiarist said...

Okay -- your post made laugh out loud! Nobody had better mess with Ms. L when she's sleeping, bathing or drinking!!!

Jyun said...

I love your guilty pleasures especially the bubble bath one. Too bad I use a communal bathroom :P

Jowy said...


One Love,

Lolitta said...

Diarist you are funny! I try to stick to those rules because when I'm doing any of those, I'm trying to enjoy the moment..just give me a few minutes of peace..LOL!

Jackie, you're more than welcome hon!


thanks Jowy!

Karobaro said...

Congratulations! Love your blog:)

cupcake♥trash said...

CONGRATS!!!! gee thanks girl! I will do a post about it today! thanks a bunch!


Olá! thank you for your kind words ;) It's almost weekend, yeah! ^^ Come check the new posts, hope u enjoy it.

Following you via rss, follow me too ;)

Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! said...

thanks for visiting ;) congrats on the award~

fhen said...

congrats on your award!
my guilty pleasure may be browsing all day long haha

Fashion By He said...

hey...thanks for the award, He greatly appreciate it!!!

cant wait to see more from you and your blog

thanks again!!

Istanbul Diary said...

i like what you wrote about Photodiarist!

Anonymous said...

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